Threading issue (deadlock)

Thomas Moschny avatarThomas Moschny created an issue

With execnet 1.1 I see a lot of _thread.error: can't start new thread failures in the testsuite, similar to I think.

After applying the patch from however, the testsuite doesn't terminate anymore, but hangs:

py.test-3.3 -v -v -r s
==================================================================== test session starts =====================================================================
platform linux -- Python 3.3.2 -- pytest-2.3.5 -- /usr/bin/python3
gateway test setup scope: session
execnet: /tmp/RPM_BUILDDIR/python3-python-execnet-1.1-4.fc19/execnet/ -- 1.1
collected 380 items 

[... output snipped ...]
testing/ TestChannelBasicBehaviour.test_serialize_error[popen] PASSED
testing/ TestChannelBasicBehaviour.test_serialize_error[socket] PASSED
testing/ TestChannelBasicBehaviour.test_serialize_error[ssh] SKIPPED
testing/ TestChannelBasicBehaviour.test_serialize_error[proxy] PASSED^C

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