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Thomas Moschny
created an issue

As far as I can see, execnet/ in execnet 1.1 is identical to version 1.2. Would it be possible to unbundle it?

Background: Fedora has a policy that forbids bundling of libraries in its packages:

The related Fedora bug against python-execnet is

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  1. Holger Krekel repo owner

    execnet is meant as a zero-dependency library and it is therefore not currently possible to introduce a dependency, i am afraid. Note that execnet bootstraps itself across host boundaries -- a feature which would break if a dependency were introduced.

  2. Thomas Spura

    Would it be possible to accept something like over here: ?

    So for instance, one could move to and add a which contains something like:

        from apipkg import *
    except ImportError:
        from _apipkg import *

    This would try to import the global library, if available or fall back to the bundled library. When it is packaged in Fedora the bundled library can easily be removed and execnet will still work as expected.

    This has worked great, when unbundling all python dependencies of ipython:

    Unfortunately, I cannot directly provide a pull request as my mercurial foo is not as good as my git foo. I will have a look though, if adding changes like the one mentioned above is an option... Is it? :)

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