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Issue #6 on hold

pytest-xdist slave fail on Interrupted system call

created an issue


I get IOError Interrupted system call in pytest-xdist slave. Don't know why, can't see signal anywhere but fail

{{{ creating slavegateway on <main.Popen2IO instance at 0x20fa2d8> RECEIVERTHREAD: starting to run received <Message.CHANNEL_EXEC channelid=1 len=285> received <Message.CHANNEL_DATA channelid=1 len=123> execution starts[1]: "\nimport os\npath, nice, env = channel.receive()\ execution finished sent <Message.CHANNEL_CLOSE channelid=1 > 1 sent channel close message received <Message.CHANNEL_EXEC channelid=3 len=210> 1 channel.del execution starts[3]: '\nimport sys, os\nchannel.send(dict(\n executa sent <Message.CHANNEL_DATA channelid=3 len=295> execution finished sent <Message.CHANNEL_CLOSE channelid=3 > 3 sent channel close message received <Message.CHANNEL_EXEC channelid=5 len=5308> 3 channel.del execution starts[5]: '"""\n This module is executed in remote subpro received <Message.CHANNEL_DATA channelid=5 len=1492> RECEIVERTHREAD Traceback (most recent call last): File "<string>", line 622, in _thread_receiver File "<string>", line 802, in load File "<string>", line 86, in read IOError: [Errno 4] Interrupted system call

RECEIVERTHREAD entering finalization RECEIVERTHREAD leaving finalization sent <Message.CHANNEL_DATA channelid=5 len=451> sent <Message.CHANNEL_DATA channelid=5 ('collectionstart', {})> sent <Message.CHANNEL_DATA channelid=5 len=115> sent <Message.CHANNEL_DATA channelid=5 len=163> sent <Message.CHANNEL_DATA channelid=5 len=244> sent <Message.CHANNEL_DATA channelid=5 len=53> }}}

gateway_base.Unserializer.load(self) can be made work by retry if get IOError with errno == 4

{{{ while True: opcode = self.stream.read(1) # Retry this if IOError raised here if not opcode: raise EOFError }}}

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