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some fixes after the merge

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 - introduce (customizable) assertion failure representations (Floris Bruynooghe)
+- nose-plugin: pass through type-signature failures in setup/teardown
+  functions instead of not calling them (Ed Singleton)
 - major refactoring of internal collection handling
 - majorly reduce py.test core code, shift function/python testing to own plugin
 - fix issue88 (finding custom test nodes from command line arg)

File testing/plugin/

 import py
+def setup_module(mod):
+    mod.nose = py.test.importorskip("nose")
 def test_nose_setup(testdir):
     p = testdir.makepyfile("""
 def test_nose_setup_partial(testdir):
+    py.test.importorskip("functools")
     p = testdir.makepyfile("""
         from functools import partial
   py.test -rfsxX --junitxml={envlogdir}/junit-{envname}.xml []
+    nose