Issue #36 duplicate

py.execnet receive may deadlock and block Ctrl+C

Ronny Pfannschmidt avatarRonny Pfannschmidt created an issue


i noticed that py.execnet hangs completely if one invokes a receive without passing any further data

unfortunately that also freezes my test-session (while testing anyvc execnet remoting)

it wont react to ctrl+c

Comments (3)

  1. holger krekel

    you mean that a channel.receive() without the other side sending data blocks? That's expected. Do you want to be able to set a timeout? (Please in general when reporting issues try to suggest a solution that would help you).

    the other issue is control-C-ability while testing - i don't know why the KeyboardInterrupt doesn't get through. One of the goals of the "new" remote testing is that it more predictably allows to control-c even in the presence of bad user code.

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