cmdline(..) uses wrong program name

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Issue #114 new
Sridhar Ratnakumar created an issue

I am invoking py.test via py.test.cmdline(). When there is an error in command line, the following is printed:


usage: boa [options] [file_or_dir] [file_or_dir] [...]

boa: error: no such option: --junitlxml }}}

"boa" is the name of my program, which py.test.cmdline() is stealing.

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  1. Holger Krekel repo owner

    yes, i wonder what it should print - it probably should at best have a usage string that indicates it's called from "py.test.cmdline" somehow ... (overriding sys.argv[0] is a bit too harsh to just fix the usage help string, isn't it).

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