py.test.mark broken--again

Issue #38 invalid
Andreas Kloeckner
created an issue

This here is from a traceback I got with version 1.0.1:

{{{ from pytools.test import mark_test

@mark_test(long=True) def test_maxwell_2d(): E TypeError: 'Mark' object is not callable }}}

where pytools.test.mark_test is just an alias for py.test.mark:

{{{ try: from py.test import mark as mark_test except ImportError: def mark_test(**kwargs): def dec(f): return f return dec }}}

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  1. Holger Krekel repo owner

    i am afraid not - the CHANGELOG lists an entry for the b8->b9 transition regarding py.test.mark and since then it stayed that way. IT's part of my efforts to reduce "magic" and simplify APIs. hope it doesn'T cause too much trouble for you.

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