Patch fixing two minor bugs.

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Issue #45 resolved
Jurko Gospodnetić created an issue

Attached bundle contains fixes for the following bugs detected on the trunk:

  • Typo in py/error.h causing error handling failures on Windows.
  • py/bin/ script not setting the correct system path folder due to getting moved a few commits back.

It also contains some minor stylistic changes (trimmed trailing spaces and such).

Hope this helps.

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  1. Holger Krekel repo owner
    • changed status to open

    thanks for the patch. i am going to apply the bug fixes, not the stylistic changes which i'll do rather systematically.

    i am not that experienced with hg bundles yet: can i unbundle your patch and "strip" the unwanted changeset and then merge to trunk without causing trouble for you?

  2. Jurko Gospodnetić reporter

    No problem, go right ahead and apply it any way you want. I made these changes while looking into py.test and have not had the time or an itch to do much more with it yet. So my repository does not have any more changes in it other than those included in the patches I posted.

    This was my first encounter with Mercurial so I do not really know the best way to send these patches. Bundles seemed the best way at the moment but if there is a better way - please suggest it.

    Anyway, hope the patch helps... and I really like how easy it has been to prepare the tests so far.

    The only thing I can not seem to do in a way that seems 'clean' to me is generate a set of separate tests with different data. I saw some blog entries/messages/faqs related to this but so far have not had any success. I'll ask on IRC next time I get around to playing with it.

  3. Holger Krekel repo owner

    ok, i am also learning to deal with mercurial. i am applying both your patches modulo cosmetic ones.

    And let's indeed chat about the "different data with separate tests" bit. I am also still evolving approaches there.

    you may find the organisation of tests in testing/path interesting. testing/path/ contains tests that operate on a "path1" path function argument and test_*.py modules use that set of tests and each provides different values for "path1". this works because function argument factories are first looked up in the test module. for more, let's rather discuss on py-dev.

    cheers and thanks for your patches and feedback, holger

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