py.test 1.1 has lost py.test.cmdline

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Issue #61 resolved
Andreas Kloeckner created an issue

Nice, py.test 1.1 broke another piece of functionality that I use in nearly all my test suites:

{{{ if name == "main": from py.test.cmdline import main main([file]) }}}

That now gives

{{{ Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 303, in <module> from py.test.cmdline import main ImportError: No module named cmdline }}}

py.test is a constant stream of incompatibility-based entertainment.

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  1. Holger Krekel repo owner
    • changed status to open

    sorry about that. py.test.cmdline.main should have stayed unchanged in 1.1.0 although it wasn't yet documented. I'll see to fix this oversight in 1.1.1 and also document/test your usage.

    could you provide me a public pointer so i can run a to-be-released py.test against your tests? I am doing this with MoinMoin and a few other code bases to verify compatibility, actually trying hard even to keep plugins compatible.

  2. Andreas Kloeckner reporter

    No worries, sorry about the sour tone of my report.

    You're welcome to run my tests--they're publicly available. See here:

    and in particular the tests of

    However I'd suspect that this might not be worth your time unless you have a personal love for high-performance PDE solvers. :) Since I do nightly testing anyway, it might be better if you could provide me with an easy_install'able command line for py.test's in-development version, assuming that's reasonably stable. Then I can warn you early on if stuff starts breaking.

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