funcargs should get funcargs as well

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Issue #82 wontfix
Ronny Pfannschmidt created an issue

since i work with funcargs more and more i noticed the following pattern emerge

{{{ #!python def pytest_funcarg__foo(request): bar = request.getfuncargvalue('tmpdir') return

def pytest_funcarg__bar(request): bar = request.getfuncargvalue('tmpdir') return, dir=True) }}}

what i would like to see there is: {{{ #!python def pytest_funcarg__foo(tmpdir): return tmpdir.ensure(..., dir=True)


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  1. Holger Krekel repo owner

    funcargs for funcargs makes the call chain quite complex and tracebacks obscure. Given that getfuncargvalue() does the job and nothing new is possible i think it's not worth it. Rather than this we can think about calling setup methods with the funcarg logic - needs experimentation to see what it conceptually means (request.func would not be there for a call to setup_class and request.class_ would not be there for setup_module. Thus only a subset of funcargs could work for setup_*. Anyway, closing this issue here.

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