py.test.mark decorators for test classes

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Issue #89 resolved
Holger Krekel repo owner created an issue

Starting with python2.6 there are class decorators. The py.test.mark "Mark decorator generator" object should grow support for it. The "old" way of specifying 'pytestmark = py.test.mark.*" as a class attribute should remain because it works on prior to2.6 implementations of Python.

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  1. Holger Krekel reporter

    fix issue89 - allow py.test.mark decorators to be used with classes (if you are using >=python2.6) also allow to have multiple markers applied at class level and test and fix a bug with chained skip/xfail decorators: if any of the conditions is true a test will be skipped/xfailed with a explanation which condition evaluated to true.


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