pycmd scripts

pycmd is a collection of command line tools for helping with Python development.

py.cleanup: remove .pyc and similar files

Usage: py.cleanup [PATH]

Delete pyc file recursively, starting from PATH (which defaults to the current working directory). Don't follow links and don't recurse into directories with a ".".

py.lookup: find text in recursively found .py files

Usage: py.lookup SEARCH_STRING [options]

Looks recursively at Python files for a SEARCH_STRING, starting from the present working directory. Prints the line, with the filename and line-number prepended.

py.countloc: give LOCs for lines and testlines

Usage: py.countloc [PATHS]

Count (non-empty) lines of python code and number of python files recursively starting from a PATHS given on the command line (starting from the current working directory). Distinguish between test files and normal ones and report them separately.

py.which: print location of an importable package or module

Usage: py.which modulename

Print the __file__ of the module that is imported via import modulename. The version-suffix is the same as with py.test above.