holger krekel avatar holger krekel committed 8150396

fix tests by properly removing __pycache__ files

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     packages = ['xdist'],
     entry_points = {'pytest11': ['xdist = xdist.plugin'],},
-    install_requires = ['execnet>=1.0.8', 'pytest>=2.2.1.dev2'],
+    install_requires = ['execnet>=1.0.8', 'pytest>=2.2.1.dev5'],
     'Development Status :: 5 - Production/Stable',
     'Intended Audience :: Developers',


         assert not failures
     def test_failures_somewhere(self, testdir):
-        item = testdir.getitem("def test_func(): assert 0\n")
+        item = testdir.getitem("def test_func():\n assert 0\n")
         control = RemoteControl(item.config)
         failures = control.runsession()
         assert failures
-        item.fspath.write("def test_func(): assert 1\n")
-        pyc = item.fspath.new(ext=".pyc")
-        if pyc.check():
-            pyc.remove()
+        item.fspath.write("def test_func():\n assert 1\n")
+        removepyc(item.fspath)
         topdir, failures = control.runsession()[:2]
         assert not failures
             def test_new():
                 assert 0
-        pyc = modcol.fspath.new(ext=".pyc")
-        if pyc.check():
-            pyc.remove()
+        removepyc(modcol.fspath)
         assert not control.failures
     pyc = path + "c"
     if pyc.check():
+    c = path.dirpath("__pycache__")
+    if c.check():
+        c.remove()
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