holger krekel avatar holger krekel committed 239a300

re-allow to parametrize with values that don't support __eq__ (closes issue213)

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+Changes between 2.3.2 and 2.3.3.dev
+- fix issue213 - allow to parametrize with values like numpy arrays that
+  do not support an __eq__ operator 
 Changes between 2.3.1 and 2.3.2


             if valtype == "funcargs":
                 self.params[arg] = id
             self._arg2scopenum[arg] = scopenum
-            if val == _notexists:
+            if val is _notexists:
                 self._emptyparamspecified = True


         reprec = testdir.inline_run()
+    def test_issue213_parametrize_value_no_equal(self, testdir):
+        testdir.makepyfile("""
+            import pytest
+            class A:
+                def __eq__(self, other):
+                    raise ValueError("not possible")
+            @pytest.mark.parametrize('arg', [A()])
+            def test_function(arg):
+                assert arg.__class__.__name__ == "A"
+        """)
+        reprec = testdir.inline_run()
+        reprec.assertoutcome(passed=1)
     def test_function_equality_with_callspec(self, testdir, tmpdir):
         items = testdir.getitems("""
             import pytest
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