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improve docstring for metafunc.parametrize()

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 - move long description of distribution into README.rst
+- improve docstring for metafunc.parametrize()
 Changes between 2.3.3 and 2.3.4


         :arg argnames: an argument name or a list of argument names
-        :arg argvalues: a list of values for the argname or a list of tuples of
-            values for the list of argument names.
+        :arg argvalues: The list of argvalues determines how often a test is invoked
+            with different argument values.  If only one argname was specified argvalues
+            is a list of simple values.  If N argnames were specified, argvalues must
+            be a list of N-tuples, where each tuple-element specifies a value for its
+            respective argname.
         :arg indirect: if True each argvalue corresponding to an argname will
             be passed as request.param to its respective argname fixture
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