holger krekel committed 859b37d

py3 fixes

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         content = " ".join(map(str, args))
         indent = "  " * self.indent
         lines = [
             "%s%s [%s]\n" %(indent, content, ":".join(tags))
         #if str(e).find(name) == -1:
         #    raise
         pass #
-    __import__(importspec)
+    try:
+        __import__(importspec)
+    except ImportError:
+        raise ImportError(importspec)
     return sys.modules[importspec]
 class MultiCall:


 def pytest_funcarg__standalone(request):
-    return request.cached_setup(scope="module", setup=lambda: Standalone(request))
+    return request.cached_setup(scope="module",
+        setup=lambda: Standalone(request))
 class Standalone:
     def __init__(self, request):


 def test_outcomeexception_exceptionattributes():
     outcome = runner.OutcomeException('test')
-    assert outcome.message == outcome.msg
+    assert outcome.args[0] == outcome.msg
 def test_pytest_exit():
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