Issue #399 invalid

Debug output is invisible when using pytest with pdb and pyreadline (Windows)

Jason R. Coombs avatarJason R. Coombs created an issue

I recently installed pyreadline (as part of iPython) into my Python 3.3 64-bit environment on Windows 8.1.

With pyreadline 2.0 installed, py.test 2.4.2 displays invisible text when using PDB (either through pytest.set_trace or using the --pdb option).

image depicting invisible output

If I uninstall pyreadline, the problem goes away.

This issue is probably as much an issue with pyreadline as pytest. I can't dig further at the moment, but I wanted to capture the issue here. I appreciate any suggestions or efforts to identify or fix the issue, but I don't expect it. I'll plan to investigate deeper in the future as time permits.

Comments (3)

  1. holger krekel

    I tried to reproduce on my Windows box on Python3.3. I installed pytest trunk (from mercurial checkout) and pyreadline and invoked "py.test" with containing a test that imports pdb and pdb.set_trace(). Worked fine. So i am marking this issue invalid for now. Feel free to re-open that with the precise steps that produce the bad behaviour.

  2. Jason R. Coombs

    You're right. I'm not experiencing the problem in a simple test, so I need to do more work to trace the cause. Thanks for looking into this and for the terminalwriter suggestion.

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