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+1. Make sure you have "execnet" and "py" installed on your system 
+   and importable from a "python" invocation of the root user
+2. Move this this directory to here:
+      /root/sync-codespeak 
+3. Copy the Uptstart init-configuration file to /etc/init:
+    cp /root/sync-codespeak/sync-codespeak.conf /etc/init/
+4. start the job to permanently start mirroring. 
+    initctl start sync-codespeak 
+5. The mirror will be located at 
+    codespeak-svnrepo
+   and will be continously updated from the codespeak main repository. 
 if [ ! -e id_dsa ]; then
     echo you need to have a id_dsa file that provides authentication
     echo use 'ssh-keygen -t dsa -f id_dsa' and
-    echo put the resulting to
+    echo put the resulting to the
     exit 1
     svnadmin create $REPO
-echo starting synchronisation with codespeak, logging to sync.log 
+echo starting synchronisation with codespeak-svn, logging to sync.log 
 python code:/svn $REPO config >>sync.log 2>&1