Lukasz Balcerzak committed 1c74693

Show full command that is being run during tests

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     venv.update()"verbosity0", "*recreate*")
+def test_test_runtests_action_command_is_in_output(newmocksession):
+    mocksession = newmocksession([], '''
+        [testenv]
+        commands = echo foo bar
+    ''')
+    venv = mocksession.getenv('python')
+    venv.update()
+    venv.test()
+"verbosity0", "*runtests*commands?0? | echo foo bar")
 def test_install_error(newmocksession, monkeypatch):
     mocksession = newmocksession(['--recreate'], """
             cwd = self.envconfig.changedir
             for i, argv in enumerate(self.envconfig.commands):
-                action.setactivity("runtests", "commands[%s]" % i)
+                message = "commands[%s] | %s" % (i, ' '.join(argv))
+                action.setactivity("runtests", message)
                     self._pcall(argv, cwd=cwd, action=action, redirect=redirect)
                 except tox.exception.InvocationError:
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