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fix issue85 - failing links/sphinx docs - thanks Marc Abramowitz

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 I am happy to announce tox 1.4 which brings:
 - improvements with configuration file syntax, now allowing re-using
-  selected settings across config file sections. see
+  selected settings across config file sections. see
 - terminal reporting was simplified and streamlined.  Now with
   verbosity==0 (the default), less information will be shown
+   config-v2
 .. _Python:
-.. _virtualenv:
-.. _virtualenv3:
-.. _virtualenv5:
+.. _virtualenv:
+.. _virtualenv3:
+.. _virtualenv5:
 .. _`py.test`:
 .. _nosetests:
-.. _`nose`:
-.. _`Holger Krekel`:
-.. _`pytest-xdist`:
+.. _`nose`:
+.. _`Holger Krekel`:
+.. _`pytest-xdist`:
 .. _`easy_install`:
-.. _pip:
-.. _setuptools:
-.. _distribute:
+.. _pip:
+.. _setuptools:
+.. _distribute:
 .. _`jenkins`:
-.. _sphinx:
-.. _discover:
-.. _unittest2:
-.. _mock:
+.. _sphinx:
+.. _discover:
+.. _unittest2:
+.. _mock:
 If you are looking for on-site teaching or consulting support,
 contact holger at ``_, an association of
-`experienced well-known Python developers`_.
+experienced `well-known Python developers`_.
 .. _`well-known Python developers`:
 .. _`Maciej Fijalkowski`:
         description='virtualenv-based automation of test activities',
-        version='1.4.3.dev6',
+        version='1.4.3.dev7',
         license='GPLv2 or later',
         platforms=['unix', 'linux', 'osx', 'cygwin', 'win32'],
         author='holger krekel',
-__version__ = '1.4.3.dev6'
+__version__ = '1.4.3.dev7'
 class exception:
     class Error(Exception):
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