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 - introduce -l|--listenv option to list configured environments

File doc/announce/release-1.4.3.txt

+tox 1.4.3: the Python virtualenv-based testing automatizer
+tox 1.4.3 fixes some bugs and introduces a new script and two new options:
+- "tox-quickstart" - run this script, answer a few questions, and
+  get a tox.ini created for you (thanks Marc Abramowitz)
+- "tox -l" lists configured environment names (thanks Lukasz Balcerzak)
+- (experimental) "--installpkg=localpath" option which will skip the
+  sdist-creation of a package and instead install the given localpath package.
+Note that the sister project "detox" should continue to work - it's a 
+separately released project which drives tox test runs on multiple CPUs
+in parallel.
+More documentation:
+    pip install -U tox
+code hosting and issue tracking on bitbucket:
+What is tox?
+tox standardizes and automates tedious test activities driven from a
+simple ``tox.ini`` file, including:
+* creation and management of different virtualenv environments 
+  with different Python interpreters
+* packaging and installing your package into each of them
+* running your test tool of choice, be it nose, py.test or unittest2 or other tools such as "sphinx" doc checks
+* testing dev packages against each other without needing to upload to PyPI
+Holger Krekel
+1.4.3 (compared to 1.4.2)
+- introduce -l|--listenv option to list configured environments
+  (thanks  Lukasz Balcerzak)
+- fix downloadcache determination to work according to docs: Only
+  make pip use a download cache if PIP_DOWNLOAD_CACHE or a 
+  downloadcache=PATH testenv setting is present. (The ENV setting
+  takes precedence)
+- fix issue84 - pypy on windows creates a bin not a scripts venv directory
+  (thanks Lukasz Balcerzak)
+- experimentally introduce --installpkg=PATH option to install a package rather than
+  create/install an sdist package.  This will still require and use
+  tox.ini and tests from the current working dir (and not from the remote
+  package).
+- substitute {envsitepackagesdir} with the package installation directory (closes #72)
+  (thanks g2p)
+- issue #70 remove PYTHONDONTWRITEBYTECODE workaround now that
+  virtualenv behaves properly (thanks g2p)
+- merged tox-quickstart command, contributed by Marc Abramowitz, which
+  generates a default tox.ini after asking a few questions
+- fix #48 - win32 detection of pypy and other interpreters that are on PATH
+  (thanks Gustavo Picon)
+- fix grouping of index servers, it is now done by name instead of 
+  indexserver url, allowing to use it to separate dependencies
+  into groups even if using the same default indexserver.
+- look for "tox.ini" files in parent dirs of current dir (closes #34)
+- the "py" environment now by default uses the current interpreter
+  (sys.executable) make tox' own test execute tests with it
+  (closes #46)
+- change tests to not rely on os.path.expanduser (closes #60),
+  also make mock session return args[1:] for more precise checking (closes #61)
+  thanks to Barry Warszaw for both.
         description='virtualenv-based automation of test activities',
-        version='1.4.3.dev7',
+        version='1.4.3',
         license='GPLv2 or later',
         platforms=['unix', 'linux', 'osx', 'cygwin', 'win32'],
         author='holger krekel',

File tox/

-__version__ = '1.4.3.dev7'
+__version__ = '1.4.3'
 class exception:
     class Error(Exception):