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Better setuptools integration in basic

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 Basic usage
     import sys
     class Tox(TestCommand):
+        user_options = [('tox-args=', 'a', "Arguments to pass to tox")]
+        def initialize_options(self):
+            TestCommand.initialize_options(self)
+            self.tox_args = None
         def finalize_options(self):
             self.test_args = []
         def run_tests(self):
             #import here, cause outside the eggs aren't loaded
             import tox
-            errno = tox.cmdline(self.test_args)
+            import shlex
+            errno = tox.cmdline(args=shlex.split(self.tox_args))
     python setup.py test
-this will install tox and then run tox.
+this will install tox and then run tox. You can pass arguments to ``tox``
+using the ``--tox-args`` or ``-a`` command-line options. For example::
+    python setup.py test -a "-epy27"
+is equivalent to running ``tox -epy27``.