holger krekel avatar holger krekel committed 7525e60

remove some lingering "post" code

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         assert env.basepython == "python2.4"
         assert env.commands == [['xyz']]
-    def test_reportserver(self, tmpdir, newconfig):
-        assert not newconfig([], "").option.post
-        config = newconfig(["--post=http://xyz.net/"], "")
-        assert config.option.post == "http://xyz.net/"
 class TestIndexServer:
     def test_indexserver(self, tmpdir, newconfig):
         config = newconfig("""
         if not self.config.option.notest:
             if venv.status:
-            if not redirect and self.config.option.post:
-                redirect = True
             venv.status = "skipped tests"
     parser.add_argument("-r", "--recreate", action="store_true",
         help="force recreation of virtual environments")
-    parser.add_argument("--post", metavar="URL", action="store",
-        default = "",
-        help="post each environment test run to specified post URL"),
     parser.add_argument("args", nargs="*",
         help="additional arguments available to command positional substition")
     return parser
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