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add changelog entry and extend list of contributors

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 - fix issue126: depend on virtualenv>=1.10.1 so that we can rely
   (hopefully) on a pip version which supports --pre. (tox by default
-  uses to --pre).
+  uses to --pre).  also merged in PR84 so that we now call "virtualenv"
+  directly instead of looking up interpreters.  Thanks Ionel Maries Cristian.
 - fix issue130: you can now set install_command=easy_install {opts} {packages}
   and expect it to work for repeated tox runs (previously it only worked
 Philip Thiem
 Monty Taylor
 Bruno Oliveira
+Ionel Maries Cristian
+Anatoly techntonik
+Matt Jeffery
+Chris Jerdonek
+Ronald Evers
+Carl Meyer
+Anthon van der Neuth
+Matt Good
+Mattieu Agopian
+Asmund Grammeltwedt