holger krekel avatar holger krekel committed ca1c1d8

a command line specified --installpkg trumps any develop option

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 - rework and simplify "commands" parsing and in particular posargs
   substitutions to avoid various win32/posix related quoting issues.
+- make sure that the --installpkg option trumps any usedevelop settings
+  in tox.ini or


         assert argvlist[0] == ["cmd1"]
         assert argvlist[1] == ["cmd2", "value2", "other"]
-    def test_positional_arguments_are_only_replaced_when_standing_alone(self, tmpdir, newconfig):
+    def test_positional_arguments_are_only_replaced_when_standing_alone(self,
+        tmpdir, newconfig):
         config = newconfig("""
         assert envconfig.envlogdir == envconfig.envdir.join("log")
         assert envconfig.setenv is None
+    def test_installpkg_tops_develop(self, newconfig):
+        config = newconfig(["--installpkg=abc"], """
+            [testenv]
+            usedevelop = True
+        """)
+        assert not config.envconfigs["python"].develop
     def test_specific_command_overrides(self, tmpdir, newconfig):
         config = newconfig("""
         vc.config = config
         reader = IniReader(self._cfg, fallbacksections=["testenv"])
-        vc.develop = reader.getbool(section, "usedevelop", config.option.develop)
+        vc.develop = not config.option.installpkg and \
+               reader.getbool(section, "usedevelop", config.option.develop)
         vc.envdir = reader.getpath(section, "envdir", "{toxworkdir}/%s" % name)
         vc.args_are_paths = reader.getbool(section, "args_are_paths", True)
         if reader.getdefault(section, "python", None):
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