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+.. be in -*- rst -*- mode!
 General tips and tricks
     tox -- -x tests/
 the arguments after the ``--`` will be substituted
-everywhere where you specify ``[...]`` in your
+everywhere where you specify ``{posargs}`` in your
 test commands, for example using ``py.test``::
     # in the testenv or testenv:NAME section of your tox.ini
     commands =
-        py.test []
+        py.test {posargs}
 or using ``nosetests``::
     commands =
-        nosetests []
+        nosetests {posargs}
 the above ``tox`` invocation will trigger the test runners to
 stop after the first failure and to only run a particular test file.
+You can specify defaults for the positional arguments using this
+    commands =
+        nosetests {posargs:--with-coverage}
 .. _`sphinx checks`:
 .. include:: ../links.txt