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File doc/config-v2.txt

    This is a draft document sketching a to-be-done implementation.
    It does not fully specify each change yet but should give a good
-   idea of where things are heading.
+   idea of where things are heading.  For feedback, mail the 
+   testing-in-python mailing list or open a pull request on 
 **Abstract**: Adding multi-dimensional configuration, platform-specification
 and multiple installers to tox.ini.
 namely these goals:
 - allow to more easily define and run dependency/interpreter variants 
-  with testenvs, maintaining per-testenv customizability
+  with testenvs
 - allow platform-specific settings
 - allow to specify platforms against which tests should run
 - allow to run installer-variants (easy_install or pip)
            mypkg14: mypkg>=1.4,<1.5
 This defines an unconditional dependency ``pytest`` which is going to be
-installed in all environments.  It also define two conditional deps:
+installed in all environments.  It also defines two conditional dependencies:
 - if ``mypkg13`` is part of the environment name, the ``mypkg<1.4`` spec 
   will be used, otherwise the line is empty.