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remove training note

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 - drop Python2.5 compatibility because it became too hard due
   to the setuptools-2.0 dropping support.  tox now has no 
-  support for creating python2.5 virtualenv environments anymore.
+  support for creating python2.5 based environments anymore.
 - merged PR81: new option --force-dep which allows to 
   override tox.ini specified dependencies in setuptools-style.
 Welcome to the tox automation project
-..  note:: second training: `professional testing with Python <>`_ , 25-27th November 2013, Leipzig.
 vision: standardize testing in Python
         assert str(env.basepython) == sys.executable
     def test_default_environments(self, tmpdir, newconfig, monkeypatch):
-        envs = "py24,py25,py26,py27,py31,py32,jython,pypy"
+        envs = "py26,py27,py31,py32,py33,jython,pypy"
         inisource = """
             envlist = %s