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fixing changelog and adding a whitelist_externals example

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 - make sure test commands are searched first in the virtualenv 
-- rename README.txt to README.rst to make bitbucket happier
-- re-fix issue2 - add command_whitelist to be used in ``[testenv*]``
+- re-fix issue2 - add whitelist_externals to be used in ``[testenv*]``
   sections, allowing to avoid warnings for commands such as ``make``,
   used from the commands value.
 - depend on virtualenv-1.9.1 
-- use either --distribute or --setuptools depending 
-  on "distribute" env config
+- rename README.txt to README.rst to make bitbucket happier

File doc/example/basic.txt

 However, you can also create your own test environment names,
 see some of the examples in :doc:`examples <../examples>`.
+whitelisting a non-virtualenv commands
+.. versionadded:: 1.5
+Sometimes you may want to use tools not contained in your
+virtualenv such as ``make``, ``bash`` or others. To avoid
+warnings you can use the ``whitelist_externals`` testenv
+    # content of tox.ini
+    [testenv]
+    whitelist_externals = make
+                          /bin/bash
 .. _virtualenv:
 .. _multiindex:

File doc/install.txt

 Install info in a nutshell
-**Pythons**: CPython 2.4-3.2, Jython-2.5.1, pypy-1.5
+**Pythons**: CPython 2.4-3.3, Jython-2.5.1, pypy-1.9ff
 **Operating systems**: Linux, Windows, OSX, Unix
 **Installer Requirements**: setuptools_ or Distribute_
-**License**: GPLv2 or later
+**License**: MIT license
 **hg repository**: