holger krekel avatar holger krekel committed e4c41b2

fix issue119: sitepackagesdir now correctly points to virtualenv dir, not tox's own. also added a test to prevent regression.

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+- fix issue119: {envsitepackagesdir} is now correctly computed and has
+  a better test to prevent regression.


     result = cmd.run("tox")
     assert result.ret == 0
-        X:*site-packages*
+        X:*.tox*python*site-packages*
 def verify_json_report_format(data, testenvs=True):


             return self.name2executable[name]
         except KeyError:
             self.name2executable[name] = e = find_executable(name)
+            print ("executable for %s is %s" %(name, e))
             return e
     def get_info(self, name=None, executable=None):
             executable = self.get_executable(name)
         if not executable:
             return NoInterpreterInfo(name=name)
+        print ("get info for %s" % executable)
             return self.executable2info[executable]
         except KeyError:
 def sitepackagesdir(envdir):
     from distutils.sysconfig import get_python_lib
-    return dict(dir=get_python_lib(envdir))
+    return dict(dir=get_python_lib(prefix=envdir))
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