Ronny Pfannschmidt committed ea96b4c

use py.builtin.callable instead of own backward compat

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 import tox
-#needed if supporting 3.1 as they had removed callable
-import collections
-    callable = callable
-except NameError:
-    def callable(x):
-        return isinstance(x, collections.Callable)
 defaultenvs = {'jython': 'jython', 'pypy': 'pypy'}
 for _name in "py,py24,py25,py26,py27,py30,py31,py32,py33,py34".split(","):
             raise tox.exception.ConfigError(
                 "substitution key %r not found" % key)
-        if callable(val):
+        if py.builtin.callable(val):
             val = val()
         return str(val)
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