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fix a test, fix docs

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 - fix pip-installation mixups by always unsetting PIP_RESPECT_VIRTUALENV
   (thanks Armin Ronacher)
-- issue1: Add a toxbootstrap.py script for tox
+- issue1: Add a toxbootstrap.py script for tox, thanks to Sridhar
+  Ratnakumar
 - added support for working with different and multiple PYPI indexservers.
 - new option: -r|--recreate to force recreation of virtualenv
-- depend on new 'pylib' distribution instead of the whole "py" package
-  which also installed py.test etc. (which is contained in py)
-- always install sdist files with "--upgrade" to be more resilient
-  against version/upgrade refusals from installation tools
+- depend on py>=1.4.0 which does not contain or install the py.test
+  anymore which is now a separate distribution "pytest".
 - show logfile content if there is an error (makes CI output
   more readable)

File doc/example/pytest.txt

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     envlist = py26,py31
-    deps=py           # PYPI package providing py.test
+    deps=pytest       # PYPI package providing py.test
       py.test \
             []        # substitute with tox' positional arguments
     envlist = py26,py31
-    deps=py
+    deps=pytest
       py.test \
         --basetemp={envtmpdir}  \ # py.test tempdir setting

File doc/index.txt

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 * uses pip_ (for Python2 environments) and distribute_ (for all environments) by default
 * **cross-Python compatible**: Python2.4 up to Python2.7, Jython and experimental
-  Python3 support as well as for pypy-c (which needs patches)
+  Python3 support as well as for pypy_
 * **cross-platform**: Windows and Unix style environments
 * **professionally** :doc:`supported <support>`
+.. _pypy: http://pypy.org
 Notes and known limitations

File tests/test_cmdline.py

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     initproj("example123-0.5", filedefs={
         'tests': {'test_hello.py': """
             def test_hello(pytestconfig):
-                pytestconfig.mktemp("hello")
+                pass
         'tox.ini': '''