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 Welcome to the tox automation project
-vision: merge packaging, testing and release
+.. note:: Upcoming: `professional testing with pytest and tox <`http://www.python-academy.com/courses/specialtopics/python_course_testing.html>`_ , 24th-26th June 2013, Leipzig.
+vision: standardize testing in Python
-``tox`` aims to automate state-of-the-art packaging, testing and
-releasing of Python software right from your console *or* CI
-server, invoking your tools of choice.
+``tox`` aims to automate and standardize testing in Python.  It is part
+of a larger vision of easing the packaging, testing and release process 
+of Python software.
 What is Tox?
 * supports :ref:`using different / multiple PyPI index servers  <multiindex>`
-* uses pip_ (for Python2 environments) and distribute_ (for all environments) by default
+* uses pip_ and distribute_ by default.
-* **cross-Python compatible**: Python-2.5 up to Python-3.2, Jython and 
-  Python3 support as well as for pypy_
+* **cross-Python compatible**: Python-2.5 up to Python-3.3, Jython and pypy_
+  support.
 * **cross-platform**: Windows and Unix style environments

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 support and contact channels
-You are welcome to:
+Getting in contact:
 * join the `Testing In Python (TIP) mailing list`_ for general and tox/test-tool
   interaction questions.
 * file a `report on the issue tracker`_
-* join `tox-commit`_ to be notified of source changes
 * hang out on the irc.freenode.net #pylib channel
 * `clone the mercurial repository`_ and submit patches
-* follow the `tetamap blog`_ or `holger's twitter presence`_ or 
-  if all else fails contact holger krekel at gmail.
+* the `tetamap blog`_, `holger's twitter presence`_ or 
+  for private inquiries holger krekel at gmail.
 professional support
-If you are looking for on-site teaching and consulting report to setup
-and use state-of-the-start testing infrastructure with Python,
+.. note:: Upcoming: `professional testing with pytest and tox <`http://www.python-academy.com/courses/specialtopics/python_course_testing.html>`_ , 24th-26th June 2013, Leipzig.
+If you are looking for on-site teaching or consulting support,
 contact holger at `merlinux.eu`_, an association of
-experienced and `well-known Python developers`_.
+`experienced well-known Python developers`_.
 .. _`well-known Python developers`: http://merlinux.eu/people.txt
 .. _`Maciej Fijalkowski`: http://www.ohloh.net/accounts/fijal