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print virtualenv version

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     toxversion = get_tox_version(TENV)
     assert has_script(TENV, 'tox')
     tox_script = path.abspath(get_script_path(TENV, 'tox'))
-'tox is installed at %s %s', tox_script, toxversion)
+'tox is installed at %s version %s', tox_script, toxversion)
     virtualenv = get_script_path(TENV, 'virtualenv')
+    venv_version = crun('%s --version' % (virtualenv,)).strip()
+'virtualenv at %s version %s', virtualenv, venv_version)
     # XXX: virtualenv 1.5 is broken; replace it
-    if crun('%s --version' % (virtualenv,)).strip() == '1.5':
+    if venv_version == '1.5':
             'Replacing the unstable virtualenv-1.5 with the latest stable')
         run('%s uninstall -y virtualenv' % (pip,))