tox should explicitly provide python executable when creating virtualenvs

Issue #108 on hold
Anthon van der Neut
created an issue

tox should not rely on "/path_to/pythonX.Y /path1_to/ pyXY" to create a virtualenv with pyXY/bin/python to be of version X.Y.*. If you have specified a default python version for virtualenv, .e.g in the config, the version specified there will of course be taken. tox should use /path_to/pythonX.Y /path1_to/ --python /path_to/pythonX.Y pyXY The worse part is that if the default environment runs the test correctly, you really have to look carefully at the beginning of the output to see what test run passed.

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  1. Anthon van der Neut reporter

    I was not able to test this by settting up an alternative default config in test_create() using:

        with open('.virtualenv/virtualenv.ini', 'w') as fp:
            fp.write('[virtualenv]\npython = /bin/ls\n')
        monkeypatch.setenv('HOME', py.path.local())
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