running 'tox -- -k test_setup_py' on tox should not overwrite tox' own tox.ini

Issue #113 on hold
Anthon van der Neut created an issue

While adding some tests in test_z_cmdline, all with the substring 'test_setup_py' I selected only these for execution and quicker testing with 'tox -- -k test_setup_py'. Everything was fine until I ran tox again and after some digging noticed that tox' own tox.ini was overwritten by tox itself.

'hg revert tox.ini' and 'chmod 400 tox.ini' showed in a rerun that test_setup_py_test() was the cause of the problem.

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  1. Holger Krekel repo owner

    fix issue113: let all quickstart test work in fresh temp dir. Thanks Anthon van der Neut for reporting the underlying ordering bug.

    → <<cset e4fd16d2b535>>

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