Tox fails with no such option: --pre

Issue #126 on hold
Phillip Cloud created an issue

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  1. jenisys

    I also stumbled over this problem several times.

    It is related with virtualenv and its virtualenv_support package that stores copies of pip, setuptools (and distribute) installation packages. Therefore, it can happen that pip-1.3.1 is the installed pip version after you create a new virtual-environment (with tox). The current virtualenv-0.10.1 version normally installs pip-1.4.1 from its "virtualenv_support" directory (but note that virtualenv>=0.10 dropped support for python2.5).

    In addition, there seem to be multiple copies of "virtualenv_support" sometimes. This seems to occur when you install/upgrade virtualenv once with pip and once with easy_install (setuptools). Therefore, a feasible workaround can be to remove "virtualenv" and all its "virtualenv_support" directories from the "site-packages" directory and reinstall "virtualenv" again.

    Maybe the best way is that the configuration option "install_command" is not only a function of the python version but also of the pip version (that gets installed per default).


    • Define "install_command = pip install {opts} {packages}" in "tox.ini"
    • Ensure a clean virtualenv with pip-1.4.1 in its "virtualenv_support" directory (for Python>=2.6)
  2. Holger Krekel repo owner

    Maybe tox just needs to depend on virtualenv>=1.10.1 given that it vendors an earlier virtualenv for python2.5?

  3. Phillip Cloud reporter

    Upgrading my virtualenv to 1.10.1 "fixed" the problem. Not sure how many people are still using older versions.

  4. Holger Krekel repo owner

    fix issue126: depend on virtualenv>=1.10.1 so that we can rely (hopefully) on a pip version which supports --pre. (tox by default uses to --pre). Note that tox also vendors an older virtualenv for supporting python2.5 -- although the latter will be dropped at some point.

    → <<cset 7a16cd37007c>>

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