install_command w/ easy_install fails when tox is run twice

Issue #130 on hold
jenisys created an issue

VERSION INFO: tox 1.6.1 with python 2.7, virtualenv 0.10.1, setuptools 0.9.8 (or newer)

When you use the new "install_command" with easy_install you get an error when you run the same test environment twice without recreating it. The problem occurs in the sdist installation step because 2 options "-U --no-deps" are appended after the package.

shell> tox -e xxx -r
shell> tox -e xxx
cmdargs=[local('.../MY_PROJECT/.tox/xxx/bin/easy_install'), '-i', 
'MY_INDEX_SERVER_URL', '.../MYPROJECT/.tox/dist/', 
 '-U', '--no-deps']
error: Could not find suitable distribution for Requirement.parse('-U')

The problem is the last 2 options "-U --no-deps" that are appended to the easy_install command-line. When you place these 2 options before the package, easy_install is happy and will install the package at the second time.


# FILE: tox.ini
install_command = easy_install {opts} {packages}

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  1. Holger Krekel repo owner

    fix issue130: you can now set install_command=easy_install {opts} {packages} and expect it to run without the need to recreate. Thanks jenisys for precise reporting.

    → <<cset eb83611a8e03>>

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