tox 1.6.1 uses default pip 1.3.1 -> bad install_command default

Issue #139 on hold
Asa Jay created an issue

Tox 1.6.1 doesn't work out of the box using win32, python33 32bit.

The install_command default is pip install --pre ..., which is unsupported by pip 1.3.1 - the version, which gets installed by tox! I didn't find a possibility to set deps=pip>=1.4.1, which leads to a circular problem, if I want to avoid changing the default install_command! I can't upgrade pip without changing the default. Upgrading itself make the change obsolete. The default pip version for any environment should therefore be pip>=1.4, if the --pre option is a default! This was annoying to find for a newbie like me...

This is my working tox.ini, just in case.

envlist = py33
install_command=pip install {opts} {packages}


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  1. Holger Krekel repo owner

    Sorry for the troubles and thanks for going through the effort. Will see to accomodate by either changing the required pip version or something else (need to investigate a little myself).

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