virtualenv 1.11 does not provide "" under windows

Issue #144 on hold
Marcus Smith created an issue

see comment here

with virtualenv-1.11, under windows, there won't be a "" to call, just "pip.exe"

cc @pmoore

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  1. Holger Krekel repo owner

    I fixed it today. You can install tox-1.7.0.dev2 via::

    pip install -U --pre -i "tox>=1.7.0.dev2"

    cheers, holger

  2. Chris Withers

    I did try this but got:

    D:\Projects\tox>C:\Jenkins\shiningpanda\jobs\a674d17c\tools\Scripts\pip.exe inst
    all -U --pre -i "tox>=1.7.0.dev2"
    Usage: pip install [OPTIONS] PACKAGE_NAMES...
    no such option: --pre
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