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whitelist_externals ignored

Seán Hayes
created an issue

I'm using python 2.7 and tox 1.7.0 on Ubuntu 13.04.

Here's part of my tox.ini file:

whitelist_externals = *
setenv =
    PYTHONPATH = {toxinidir}:{toxinidir}/tests
commands =
    cd {envdir}/ && wget
    cd {envdir}/ && tar -xvf pysqlite-2.6.3.tar.gz
    cd {envdir}/pysqlite-2.6.3/ && python build_ext -U SQLITE_OMIT_LOAD_EXTENSION
    cd {envdir}/pysqlite-2.6.3/ && python develop

    {envbindir}/ test core --settings=settings_core

I need to customize the build before installing, and the only way I could think to do that is put it in commands.

I tried whitelisting cd and the other commands I need but got:

"ERROR: InvocationError: could not find executable 'cd'"

Even when whitelsiting everything, I get the same error.

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  1. holger krekel repo owner

    cd is a shell command and there is no executable. tox itself would need to understand cd. This all has nothing to do with whitelist_externals which only silences warnings about executables not coming from the tox created venv.

    If you need support for cd within commands, please open a new issue saying so and mark it as enhancement.

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