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anatoly techtonik
created an issue

It will be convenient if tox allowed to use quickstart argument to launch the tool. On Windows tox-quickstart is not accessible from %PATH%.

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  1. anatoly techtonik reporter

    I mean that on Windows no tool is in PATH, so instead of maintaining and memorizing several executables, there can be a single tox entrypoint with subcommands that can be invoked as:

    python -m tox <subcommand>
  2. Holger Krekel repo owner

    So you mean that you didn't add scripts to your PATH. I can imagine to add --quickstart as an alternative entrypoint but not to introduce a subcommand architecture just for this. Am open to a PR.

  3. anatoly techtonik reporter

    Right. With multiple Python installations and multiple virtualenv it is easier to live without mess in the PATH. The --quickstart option will get lost in abundance of params. I propose to transform this:

    usage: [-h] [--version] [-v] [--showconfig] [-l] [-c CONFIGFILE]
                         [-e envlist] [--notest] [--sdistonly] [--installpkg PATH]
                         [--develop] [--set-home] [-i URL] [-r]
                         [--result-json PATH] [--hashseed SEED] [--force-dep REQ]
                         [args [args ...]]
    positional arguments:
      args                additional arguments available to command positional

    to this

    usage: tox [options] [subst [subst ...]]
           tox quickstart
    positional arguments:
      subst                positional substitutions in the format '...'
  4. Holger Krekel repo owner

    Given that tox does not support subcommands "tox quickstart" is irregular. I think we should rather bother about pypi's docs and just introduce "--quickstart". Also note that many people e.g. using virtualenv's don't have this problem -- they will just have "tox-quickstart".

  5. anatoly techtonik reporter

    For consistency with other popular (and user friendly) CLI interfaces, the fist thing I do is execute tool -h and not opening the browser or manual in PDF to read on. Saves from 5 to 30 minutes on average.

    I understand that tox doesn't have subcommands, but it may happen that tox already have options that are in fact commands.

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