Allow testenv to be "non-voting" (optional)

Issue #174 on hold
Alexandre Conrad created an issue

I would like to see an option that tells tox to not fail for testenvs / jobs that are considered optional.

For example, if I have a section [testenv:pep8] I don't want tox to fail if I mark it as non-voting. So if a testenv returns a non-zero status (failure) then tox would still exit with a zero status but display a warning that a non-voting test failed.

skipsdist = True
envlist = py26, py27, pep8

commands =
        pip install -e .
        pip install -r test-requirements.txt
        py.test {posargs}

voting = False
commands =
        pip install pep8
        pep8 --ignore=E501 myproject/

If this is considered a good idea, I'd like to try implementing it.

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  1. Marc Abramowitz

    Yes, this would be useful. I might also use this to monitor Python 3 compatibility without strictly requiring it.

  2. Holger Krekel repo owner

    fix issue174: add new ignore_outcome testenv attribute which can be set to True in which case it will produce a warning instead of an error on a failed testenv command outcome. Thanks Rebecka Gulliksson for the PR.

    → <<cset 618ba985f958>>

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