Boolean algebra and factors

Issue #183 on hold
Alexander Schepanovski created an issue

I proposed before something like:

deps =
    py26,py27: kind-of-or
    py26-django13: kind-of-and

This, however, could look a bit strange when negation is involved:

deps =
    py26-!django13: kind-of-and 

The alternatives I see is using | and & or || and && (c-like). This, however, will trick users into adding spaces around operators:

command =
    factor1 && factor2: kind-of-and 

And if we permit spaces then other users could hit conditional syntax without expecting it. Either way (allowing spaces or not) will cause confusion for someone.

I am currently in favor of using commas and hyphens, without allowing spaces. What do you think? Maybe you have other suggestions?

Anyway, I am willing to implement this once we are set up on the interface.

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