build wheels instead of sdist

Issue #185 on hold
Thomas “graingert” Grainger created an issue

For installation of test packages it would be great if wheels could be used instead.

This is difficult to work for all possible python versions but to start with, universal wheels could be supported.

In this case the universal wheel could be produced in the first step. Then tox can use the test_requires and install_requires to build the deps used in the testenv.

If you want to support multi-python versions at build time, tox could read the setup.cfg wheel config file using the wheel module and drop down to using sdist for those builds.

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  1. Holger Krekel repo owner

    Agreed -- i guess we need a way to specify which format should be produced and tested, probably both in the ini and from the commandline.

  2. Peter Bittner

    I'd love to see the tox configuration to live in setup.cfg (too -- as an alternative) in general. I'm not sure whether this makes any difference in your current problem, though.

    It would allow a more elegant Python package configuration for developers: You could put configuration of all your tools into a single file. I've described some considerations in a comment on issue 13.

    A few projects already look into setup.cfg. flake8, behave, py.test, among others. And hopefully Pylint soon, too. 😏

  3. Bruno Oliveira

    Making tox also test wheel packages would be of great help to ensure projects are publishing correct wheels.

  4. Maxim Kovgan

    Why this should be a forced type? forced type == new dependency It would be smoother if tox COULD use wheel

  5. Maxim Kovgan

    @The-Compiler, I'm just literally reading the original post: it says "instead" which I interpret as

    take sdist out, putting bdist_wheel "in its stead"

  6. Florian Bruhin

    From @hpk42's reply:

    Agreed -- i guess we need a way to specify which format should be produced and tested


  7. Brecht Machiels

    In the meantime, you can build a wheel manually and run tox with the --installpkg option. For example, I have set up Travis-CI to run tox once without (to test the sdist) and once with this option (to test the wheel).

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