Project dependencies are not installed when usedevelop=False

Issue #197 on hold
Rinat Shigapov created an issue

I run tox without -r option. At he moment I have to manually install project dependencies when they are changed.

Steps I do to reproduce this:

  1. run tox to initialize test environment
  2. activate test environment
  3. remove a package my project depends on
  4. run tox again and see failed test due to unsatisfied dependency

When I set usedevelop=True the problem disappears.

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  1. Holger Krekel repo owner

    tox presumes it controls the virtual environments and that you don't do manual changes in between. How comes you work on the .tox/* virtualenvs yourself?

  2. Rinat Shigapov reporter

    I activate .tox/* test environment and manipulate it just to show a possible way to reproduce the issue. My actual problem is that tox doesn't update install_requires dependencies after I changed them in new project version. As I said usedevelop=True fixes it but I'd like to install my project from source distribution and not to use this mode.

  3. Holger Krekel repo owner

    yes, it's a known issue (although i can't find an issue number currently) that tox does not know what contains in terms of dependencies. We could maybe look into the sdist/package's requirements and see if that changed, however, not sure. There are some issues like issue #13 and issue #149 which are similar.

  4. Rinat Shigapov reporter

    Thank you for the links! Why does not tox run install_command for sdist'ed tarball? This way it could update dependencies when updates are available.

  5. Holger Krekel repo owner

    speed for the common case. after all, typing "-r" to force recreation is a bit annoying but not super bad IMHO :)

  6. Rinat Shigapov reporter

    In my case adding '-r' option makes the build 5-6 times longer - that's why I prefer not to set it. When environment is already prepared pip dependency checks are quite fast and introduce much smaller time overhead than full env recreation.

    I think it would be nice to make "--no-deps" option presence configurable.

  7. Rinat Shigapov reporter

    For now I just toggle usedevelop value in my config whenever I add new dependencies. This forces installation of them.

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