Command-line option for overriding toxworkdir

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In certain circumstances it would be very useful to override the setting of toxworkdir. For instance, in a CI environment such as Bamboo where each job of a build plan is run in it's own directory, it would be very useful to have toxworkdir point somewhere outside of the individual job directories in order to avoid repeated rebuilds of the virtual environments when the package list changes. Having toxworkdir be overridable means that the setting in tox.ini could be used as a default which is then overridden in the CI environment.

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  1. Pi Delport

    Being able to override the default value with an environment variable would also be great.

    My use case: I have one or two dozen projects checked out on my development machine, and their collection of .tox directories can grow pretty huge: many gigabytes, spread out over many directories. I would really like a way to be able to point them all at a common local place, outside of the individual project checkouts, to make them easier to manage.

    At the moment, my workaround is to symlink <project>/.tox to ~/.cache/tox/<project>: i have a small shell function helper to do this for new checkouts.

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