No support for the posargs substitution type

Issue #208 on hold
Eli Collins created an issue

It's quite likely I'm misusing the tox config format, but I've got a rather lengthy tox.ini, with a lot of redundant commands, and wanted to do the following:

commands = {posargs:preset-for-some-env}

commands = {[testenv:someenv]commands}

commands = {[testenv:someenv]commands}

... but as of Tox 1.8.1, I get "ConfigError: No support for the posargs substitution type", and have to explicitly duplicate the posargs line for someenv2 and someenv3.

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  1. Holger Krekel repo owner

    probably that breakage wasn't intentional but not sure what it is. Care to look into tox/ yourself?

  2. Oleg Broytman

    AFAIU the problem is that {posargs} substitution is handled specially in IniReader._processcommand() but not in ._replace_match().

  3. Oleg Broytman

    I have to install tox from the repository (current final version at PyPI is 2.3.1) and it seems to be kind of working. tox --showconfig shows commands = [['flake8', 'sqlobject/']]. At least it doesn't fail with exception. Not sure if list of lists is correct command list (I am not proficient with tox).

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