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Michael Merickel created an issue

We have always used tox to run our coverage commands. However recently we started running coverage on py2 and py3 and combining it into a single coverage report that should be 100%.

Anyway, this is done using 3 environments. One for py2, one for py3 and one to aggregate the results.

This is all fine but the interface has changed from tox -e cover to tox -e py2-cover,py3-cover,cover. Ideally tox would possibly support some sort of grouping instead of requiring us to wrap this invocation in something else.

But wait, we found a scary solution!

commands =
    coverage run ...
setenv =

commands =
    coverage run ...
setenv =

commands =
    coverage erase
    tox -e py2-cover
    tox -e py3-cover
    coverage combine
    coverage xml
setenv =
deps =

A recursive tox file! Anyway this has some downsides like tox -r is not propagated downward to the sub-toxes. However this solves our issues with the CLI, and even gives us the opportunity to do things prior to the sub-toxes like erase without introducing yet another tox env.

I don't have an actual proposal but I wanted to open an issue and get some thoughts on possible solutions inside or outside of tox.

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  1. Ned Batchelder

    I have a similar need. My idea would be to have "tox -e cover" mean, run all the envs with a "cover" factor in them.

    Just as a configuration line like "cover: foo" applies to all envs with a cover factor, "-e cover" means, run all of those envs.

    I would find this very helpful. It would let me test all of my py27 runs, or all of my pytracer runs with a simple invocation.

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