tox --help and other options not depending on tox.ini should always work

Issue #249 on hold
Anthon van der Neut created an issue

If you don't have a tox.ini in your current directory, you can run tox --version, but when you do tox --help.

It should not be necessary to have a tox.ini installed just to look at the commandline help (which always exits), and preferably it should not be necessary for any other options that don't depend on information in the tox.ini file either (but for that tox would have to know about what each plugin expects).

I noticed this when invoking tox --scan PATTERN1 PATTERN2 from winpysetup.exe, I had to make an empty tox.ini in the current directory first (and remove it) if not there.

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  1. David Stanek

    The issue here seems to be that the parsing of the command-line args and the INI file happen at the same time. I'm not sure what '--scan' does, but it's rather easy to fix this for the help.

  2. Peter Cock

    I just ran into this bug where I was deliberately using a non-standard named configuration file in place of tox.ini,

    $ tox --version
    2.3.1 imported from /Users/xxx/lib/python3.5/site-packages/tox/
    $ tox --help
    ERROR: toxini file 'tox.ini' not found
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